Art Club and Friends

Artclub and Friends’ 2018 Yearbook


We collaborated with local fashion brand Artclub and Friends on a lookbook featuring a new class of young Cape Town artists.


Artclub and Friends is a local and ethical online clothing retailer that was launched in 2016 by Robyn Keyser in a bid to help re-energise the South African textile industry. The brand was established with the creative community in mind and regularly collaborates with artists across mediums. Instead of gendered mens- or womenswear, Robyn refers to the collections as ‘artwear’ – clothes to inspire people to create. She says, “We aim to provide our customers with pieces that inspire them rather than intimidate them and offer them a space to play and discover.” The brand was founded on 10 cultural principles which guide every creative decision: authenticity, empowerment, talent, expression, passion, communication, integrity, community, ownership and fun.


This shoot features young Cape Town artists making their mark on 2018 in music, illustration, photography and art, wearing power suits designed by Artclub and Friends.


Robyn says: This project was inspired by young artists who we feel are making bold and brave strides in a city whose creative platforms are often so hard to break through. We want to celebrate new talent and shine a light on work that has not been seen yet. We’re so in awe of the work that some of these artists are producing. It’s been an honour to work alongside young people like this and we hope to grow with them on their journey. 


LAKEI | @lakei_lakei 




I’m Lakheni Songca AKA LAKEI (pronounced Lucky), a local, independent rapper and music producer based in Cape Town, and one half of the up and coming duo Platinum Posse. I’ve been making music since the age of 12 and I’m currently studying at SAE where I’m in the process of honing my musical craft.

I’m at a point in my musical journey where I am trying to work with more artists of different genres. So I’m basically trying to surprise myself by doing things that I never thought I would do. I’m trying to do some music videos too, so I have been sourcing some dope locations around my area. I’m basically just trying to do the most this year. I’m super excited to do things I haven’t done before creatively. I want to do the music for a fashion show. I’ve always wanted to do that, it just seems like the coolest shit ever. If I had to work with anyone it would probably be a brand from Cape Town. Gotta keep it local. That’s how we’ll flourish as a city.


Anico Mostert | @anico___


Art Club and Friends Art Club and Friends


Growing up in a family full of intuitive thinkers, creativity has always been encouraged and plays a big role in how I learnt to look at life and the environment around me. During my high school years, I spent a lot of time in the art class, often using art practicals as an excuse to skip other classes. I soon realised that a creative space is where I feel most comfortable. At the end of my matric year I only had one plan and that was to go to art school. Fortunately, that plan worked out and I am currently finding my way through my first year at Michaelis School of Fine Art. I usually work with a combination of video art, found objects and installation. I tend to pay attention to details that might come across as mundane or insignificant in the bigger picture but when isolated are given the opportunity to tell a story. It is quite a weird and wonderful time in my life in terms of not always knowing what is next but I think it is important for creatives to try and remember that uncertain times are scary but also very exciting!


Art Club and Friends


Seth Kriger | @anaestheticsilhouette 



My name is Seth Kriger and I am currently in my final year of high school. Although many people view this time as stressful due to their lack of clarity for their future, I am comfortable as I know what I want to do: I want to make art. My preferred medium is painting. I believe my work to encompass all facets of my identity. I believe myself to be a liberal person and my works subtly comment on injustices or social issues I believe in, as well as portray the general aesthetics that come with art itself.

The thing that excites me the most is that art is constantly evolving; not in the sense that we’re abandoning the past but rather that we are embracing the past as well as refining the future of what is art. People are now so much more open minded as to what they perceive to be art, which I find so beautiful and inspiring as it provides us artists with open-ended creative license for what we want to produce and create.


Art Club and Friends

Lambi AKA Lamb of Lemila | @lamboflemila 


Art Club and Friends Art Club and Friends


Most people know me by my government name, and probably a whole bunch of other ones, but I prefer Lambi. Although I have always been enamoured by visual art and design, it was only two years ago that I decided to transition into the visual art realm and start creating work. Aside from it being my bread and butter, daydreaming is a way of life for me. Exploring uncomfortable topics but also celebrating diverse identities is usually the focal point of most of my work.

My dream opportunity would be to curate an exhibition, festival or event anywhere in the world. Taking on projects that engage with large groups of people or public spaces would allow me to better understand the nuances in society by creating interdisciplinary environments. I don’t want to be one dimensional.  


Art Club and Friends


Alex Paterimos | @alxethelion


Art Club and Friends Art Club and Friends


My name is Alex Paterimos and my choice of medium is film photography. I have been taking photographs my entire life, but only recently has it turned into something more than just capturing random moments that were happening around me. I moved to Cape Town last year from Durban (where I grew up) and I am currently in my 2nd year of studying cinematography. In Cape Town, I’ve been fortunate enough to find myself a group of friends who collectively bring out the creative juices within each other and this allows us to work together and create very personal projects of and with one another. I find my love for capturing very real representations of people really began then, as did my passion for film photography which was sparked by my dad passing down his old film camera that he used as a teenager once. Film simply adds a sense of value to the images for me, and forces me to really love an image before I take it. 


Art Club and Friends


Find Artclub and Friends online or in Cape Town at the Neighbourhoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill, at Sunday Edition or at Bo-Op.



Casting by Robyn Keyser and Yonela Makoba

Styling by Yonela Makoba

Make-up by Nubia Silver @nubiasilverrr

Photography by Alix-Rose Cowie


Art Club and Friends